One District One Product Scheme

One District One Product Scheme

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One district one product scheme has been launched with a view to promote small and medium industries in Uttar Pradesh and to encourage self-employment. There are many such schemes in the list of schemes of the Uttar Pradesh government, which help in providing employment to the unemployed. According to the present government present in Uttar Pradesh, not only will the development of local skills through this scheme, but the export of goods will also be possible in greater quantity, and it is also estimated that this will also increase the GDP of the country. So far 5 lakh people have got employment under one district one product scheme. Exports of more than 89 thousand crores have been done from these small and medium industries from Uttar Pradesh.

Launch detail

Name of scheme One District One Product Scheme
Started off Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath
Launched 24 January 2018
Program Uttar Pradesh Day
Plan implementation Micro, small and medium enterprises and export promotion department
Official site
Helpline number (tollfree number) 18001800888

This plan was mentioned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the time of his election campaign, and when his party came to power in Uttar Pradesh, work on this subject started progressing. It is being said that this plan will be launched on Uttar Pradesh Day on 24 January.

What is One District One Product Scheme?

India keeps unity in diversity. There is no lack of art here, every region is famous for its special things. There are also small-scale industries in Uttar Pradesh, from where the country goes abroad as a special substance. In Uttar Pradesh, glassware, Lucknowi embroidered clothes, special rice, etc. are very famous. All such items make small artists of small villages, who despite the lack of means, disintegrate their art in the world. But with time, the existence of these small artistes is also getting roamed, these small scale industries have been replaced by big factories, where work is done with the interest of hand machines. The hand artisans do not get the price they should get. A district will produce such a lost artist, who will give money to small-scale industries in Uttar Pradesh, whatever district, district for which the particular goods are known, will lead the people working there.


Such a plan was first launched in Japan, then, seeing its success ahead, it was also launched by a big country like China. The name of the smallest village in the state will be famous in the country through the Forest District Forest Product Scheme.

Every month employment fairs are organized by the Uttar Pradesh government. Employment fair Uttar Pradesh online registration is easily done sitting at home.


The development of local crafts is the main objective of the scheme, which will increase the income of small artisans. These artisans had to leave their homes and go to the city for employment and more money, the ODOP scheme would reduce migration. This is a pilot project, after being successful in the state of Uttar Pradesh, it will be launched at the national and international level so that people can benefit from this scheme in all the states of India. Along with this, the scheme will also attract the youth, which will provide new opportunities for the unemployed.

Key Features Scheme

  • The main objective of this scheme is to develop Uttar Pradesh and the country. Through this scheme, the development of small, medium and traditional industries of the district will be possible.
  • With the aim of promoting industries through this scheme, new technologies will be used and trained so that this product can match other products available in the market.
  • Self-employment will be encouraged through this scheme. According to the estimate so far, about 25 lakh people will get employment in the next 5 years. 25000 crore rupees will be given by the government to the unemployed people to increase local traders and other small industries.
  • Under this scheme, a committee will be formed to take care of the quality, productivity, competitiveness of the products being made in these districts, which will analyze all these and then formulate a strategy for their work accordingly.
  • The government will help small, medium, traditional industries financially, along with special improvement work will be done in its quality, efficiency.
  • The loan will be given under this scheme at a low-interest rate so that more and more people can take advantage of this scheme.
  • Along with this, work will also be done on its packing and branding. Each product will be given a brand name, which will also increase the recognition of the state of Uttar Pradesh on the world stage. Due to good packing, brand name, people will know this and will be attracted to the product.
  • To make these products accessible to the common people, it will be exported far and wide, the online medium will be chosen for this. Apart from this, handicrafts like fairs will be set up, its sale will be started at the counter. Due to this scheme, the area will have its own distinct identity as well as tourism there will increase.


  • For the implementation of this scheme, 6 main categories have been created. These categories are divided into Raw Material, Finance, Design, Structure Testing Lab, Training and Development Display and Exhibition and Marketing, etc.
  • The district officer will be entrusted with the responsibility of this scheme. The District Officer will have to set up a committee of his own to implement a district-one product scheme in his district.
  • According to this scheme, a loan subsidy of Rs 1 lakh will be given to men and Rs 1.5 lakh to women for running their business.
  • Through this scheme, stamp duty will also be waived while starting the industry. In Bundelkhand and Purvanchal it will be 100 percent free, in the areas of Madhyanchal and Pashimanchal, there will be 70 and 50 percent off.

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