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What do you think, PUBG or Free Fire game is better? Free Fire Vs PubgIn today’s time, it is a bit difficult to answer the question “Who is the leader in Free Fire and PUBG” with accuracy.

Many people believe that PUBG MOBILE is better than Free Fire Game. But after the release of Garena Free Fire Max version, you cannot call PUBG Mobile Game 2023 any good. That is why you will know only after comparing the Free Fire vs PUBG mobile game properly.

5-6 years ago, when Garena company launched the Free Fire game, the graphics of the Free Fire game were of very low quality compared to the PUBG Mobile game. But today, after the release of Free Fire and Free Fire Max 2023 versions, no one can consider the Free Fire game less than PUBG.

Those who play old Free Fire games would know that earlier the Free Fire game used to be within 350 to 400mb. But today after the change in the same Free Fire game, Free Fire Max, this game comes above 900mb whose graphics quality is very good. Therefore, it is becoming a bit difficult to answer whether PUBG is better or Free Fire.

But today in this article we will give you a complete comparison of Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile and tell you which game is good today, and which game will be good for whom to play. So if you want to know about the comparison of Free Fire Vs PUBG mobile game in a better way then read this article till the end.

is pubg good or free fire game

Is PUBG good or Free Fire (Free Fire Vs PUBG) 2023

Nowadays, everyone plays PUBG or Free Fire games on their Android phones. Because of this, many new and old gamers are unable to decide which game is better. As you might know, PUBG game has been invented by Tencent company and Free Fire game has been invented by Garena company. Both these games are very good in their respective places and are getting better day by day.

But if any new or old game wants to install a good online shooting game on their phone, then it would be better to choose between PUBG and Free Fire. Only for this reason many people want to know Free Fire vs PUBG.

1 Made by Garena company. Made by Tencent.
2 To run Free Fire, there should be minimum 3GB RAM on the mobile. To run PUBG, there should be minimum 4GB RAM on the mobile.
3 Requires Android version 5.1.1. Requires Android version 6.1.1.
4 Free Fire game can also be played at 60fps. Minimum 90fps is required to play Battlegrounds mobile game.
Comparison between Free Fire and PUBG
और पढ़ें: आज का फ्री फायर मैक्स रिडीम कोड.

Free Fire vs PUBG Comparison(Is PUBG game better or Free Fire)

To love the Free Fire vs PUBG game, you will have to accept two-three things. So if you want a good online fighting game for your mobile after these three comparisons, then look no further.

  • System Feature Requirements

Since Free Fire and PUBG are different games, different systems are required to play both the games.

If you go to download Free Fire 2023 in Play Store, it will cost you 770MB. Apart from this, your phone must have minimum Android 4.0.3 version, and that phone must have Mediatek MT6737M Quad-Core processor with minimum 1GB RAM.

But after doing a very good work on the Free Fire Max game of Garena company, when they have brought good graphics like PUBG, then to play this game, it is necessary to have minimum 3GB RAM on your phone. .

On the other hand, to download PUBG i.e. Battlegrounds mobile game from Play Store, it will take 930MB to 1GB. To download PUBG on your phone in the competition of Free Fire game, the phone should have minimum Android 5.1.1 operating system, along with that minimum 2GB RAM should always be free in the phone. Leaving everything aside, if you talk about processor, then to play PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile, your phone should have minimum Snapdragon 700.

So if you talk about a game that runs on a good operating system, then PUBG is a better game than Free Fire. But you cannot call PUBG a better game than Free Fire just by looking at one corporation. Therefore, we want you to read the other two comparisons carefully.

  • Phone Graphics Requirements

If you talk about graphics, PUBG Battlegrounds mobile game is much better than the normal version of Garena Free Fire. Because a next level graphics has been used in PUBG which you do not get to see in Free Fire game.

Perhaps you do not know that Battlegrounds Mobile i.e. PUBG game is built on Unreal Engine 4 which provides very good and high quality graphics, this game has been designed in such a way that it runs even in 90fps.

On the other hand, Garena Free Fire game has been made with slightly lower graphics and this game can also be played at 60fps. But still nowadays the Free Fire game is doing very well compared to PUBG.

  PUBG is a game with good graphics
PUBG is a game with good graphics

So even if you talk about graphics competition, PUBG game is better than Free Fire which provides you a high quality gaming experience.

  • Unique Fighting Gameplay

If you talk about unique fighting game play, there are 34 such game moods on PUBG Mobile which give you a very good experience such as Classic Battle Mode, EvoGround, Arcade, Arena Mode. If you play PUBG game on a good high quality phone, in all this mood you are going to get a very good online fighting game experience.

On the other hand, after the OB28 update of Garena Free Fire game, many different moods have been added to the Free Fire 2023 version, such as 3 types of Prescott mood, 3rd date classic mood, and random Prescott mode, etc. After all these gaming modes are included in Free Fire, Garena Free Fire has become a unit game, if any person is looking for a versatile game in today’s time, then Free Fire will be a good option for him.

If you want a unit game play online fighting game in 2022, then Garena Free Fire game is the winner in this comparison to some extent.

Free Fire vs PUBG Competition FAQs

What is the difference between Free Fire and PUBG?

There is a difference between Free Fire and PUBG in graphics, unique gameplay, and system features which differentiate both the games from each other.

PUBG Vs Free Fire: Which Is Better?

PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile Game is better than Garena Free Fire.

Which is the best character in Free Fire?

We list five good actor names for Free Fire game: 1) Chrono, 2) DJ Alok, 3) Kelly, 4) Skyler, 5) Wokong.


So we hope, you must have read this article well and you must also be sure in this 2023 whether PUBG is a good or Free Fire game. But if you guys want to know our opinion, then in our opinion PUBG is a much better game than Free Fire. If you have a good mobile phone due to which the corporation administration is good then you can download PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile on your phone and take the lead in online shooting game.

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